Braces should be affordable.

We believe braces should be affordable for everyone. Let’s build a payment plan that works for you with our in-house, zero-interest financing.

How much does it cost?

Braces can range from $3,500 to $13,500 depending on the severity of your case. Dr. Majeroni’s prices are right in line with industry averages (and are even lower than what you would expect to pay in Northern California). Schedule a consultation and see for yourself!

Better orthodontics, better care, better results...
same cost : )

What's Included?

An amazing team to take care of you

Initial in-house x-rays (as needed)

Personalized diagnosis and treatment plan

Collaboration with your dentist

Placing of your appliance

Brushing aids

School/work care kit

Mid-treatment in-house x-rays (as needed)

Mid-treatment intra oral and facial photos

All regularly scheduled visits

All comfort visits

Removal of appliance

Polishing of teeth as needed

Customized retainers

Final in-house x-rays

Final photos

One full year of retention visits

24 hour emergency phone line

The Majeroni Smile Guarantee

Build Your Payment Plan

Build your zero-interest payment plan in 2 simple steps with our in-house financing


Choose a down payment

The first step of building your zero-interest payment plan is choosing how much you can pay today. This is the down payment for your 0% interest in-house payment plan. If you can pay off your treatment completely, you get a 3% discount. But if not, that's totally fine!


Choose a monthly payment

After picking your down payment, now it’s time to decide how much you can pay per month. Once you've settled on a monthly payment that works for your budget, your 0% interest payment plan will be ready to go. Just a few signatures and you'll be all set!

That's it!

No one else makes getting braces so affordable and easy!

Free Consultation

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