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Did you know... 72% of people aren’t happy with their smile.

Unfortunately, both orthodontists and their patients are obsessed with the idea of “straightening” teeth. In fact, straight teeth is just a tiny fraction of the puzzle—and choosing an orthodontist who prioritizes straightness over aesthetics and enhanced confidence is a surefire way to get bad results. Around here, we know exactly what it takes to give you a glowing, beautiful smile.

By focusing more on the precise ratios between your teeth, lips and other facial features, we’re able to give our patients results they can really be proud of. Plus, our laser-focus and commitment to ultra-modern techniques and equipment means faster treatments with less wasted time—and at prices comparable to those outdated treatments we all know and hate. You shouldn’t settle for straight teeth—it’s time to get a smile you can really be proud of with a little Majic.

Majeroni Reviews

Majeroni Orthodontic Patient Review

Verified 5 Star Reviews

Majeroni Orthodontic Patient Review

I love Dr. Majeroni!

"Dr. Majeroni is the best. I love my results and the whole process took less than a year!"

- Ashton

Walnut Creek, CA

Majeroni Orthodontic Patient Review

Majeroni is the best!

"My braces barely hurt and Dr. Majeroni truly transformed my smile. Obsessed with results!"

- Kayla

Alamo, CA

Majeroni Orthodontic Patient Review

I love going to see Majeroni!

"Dr. Majeroni is the coolest doctor of all time. I actually love coming in to see him."

- Owen

Danville, CA

*Actual customer testimonials.


Meet Dr. Majeroni... recognized as a top Bay Area orthodontist.


Doctor of Dental Surgery from the State University of New York in Buffalo, Magna Cum Laude and 99.9th percentile of dental board examination scores, Master of Oral Sciences and Dental Certificate from the State University of New York, Chief Resident of the Class of 2011


With 11 years of experience in orthodontics, Dr. Majeroni has helped thousands of patients achieve bright, beautiful smiles through a combination of exceptional patient care and a commitment to efficient, effective treatment plans.


Through a combination of aesthetic orthodontics knowledge and his unique background in engineering, Dr. Majeroni is able to predict and influence the precise movements of your teeth to achieve superior results in a fraction of the time.


Dr. Majeroni is consistently rated one of California’s top orthodontists on Yelp and Birdseye for patients of all ages.

Dr. Majeroni is a top Orthodontist who does braces and invisalign
Dr Majeroni Orthdontist Specials

New Patient Smile Assessment Pack ($249 value)

Online special! When you sign up as a new patient, you'll receive a free smile assessment that includes digital x-rays, free teeth whitening and a complete smile analysis ($249 value).

majic method

Confident smiles need more than just “straight” teeth.

bay area orthodontist

Smile VIP


Short for vertical incisor position, Smile VIP simply refers to the portion of your front teeth that are visible when you smile. Ideally, you’ll want to see your teeth in their entirety—from top to bottom—giving you the confidence to grin bigger than ever before.

bay area braces

Smile Arc


Natural, aesthetic smiles tend to follow the contour of the lips. Although many orthodontists are obsessed with perfectly straight teeth, that’s actually not the secret to a better smile. Instead, we’ll make it so the bottom edge of your upper teeth match the natural curve of your mouth.

bay area invisalign

Smile Width


Studies show that the wider your smile, the better. While we’re trying to show off as much as your individual teeth as possible, we’re also maximizing the number of teeth that are visible when you smile—from front to back.


Custom treatments, modern techniques, rapid results.


A comprehensive healthy smile system engineered for kids ages 6-10, featuring KIDtech.


The fastest and most advanced adult orthodontic treatment ever created. Straight teeth in under 6 months featuring, CLEARtech.


For adults who want a complete, Hollywood-worthy smile makeover. Optimize your smile for ultimate aesthetics and unbelievable confidence.

Braces and Invisalign are Affordable

Better Braces as low as
$100 / month

Get special in-house financing and pay as little as $100/month! No hidden fees. No gimmicks. No joking around. Now THAT is something to smile about.


We utilize the latest, safest ortho technology to deliver incredible smiles.

bay area orthodontic


A combination of behavioral strategies and comfy, durable, easy-to-clean materials that make treatments for your kids simple and fun.

bay area norcal invisalign


The Tesla of braces. Less adjustments, faster adjustments, far greater comfort—plus eat all the popcorn and chew all the gum you want.

bay area norcal braces


The clearest braces and aligners on the planet. CLEARtech stays clear, doesn’t stain, and it’s so comfortable you won’t even know it’s there.

Results up to 2x faster

With the mindset of an engineer and an eye for aesthetics, we deliver results in a fraction of the time as the outdated orthodontics treatments you’ll find elsewhere.

1/2 the amount of check-ins

Typical orthodontic treatments require about 24 appointments. We normally get you down to 14—without sacrificing quality or safety.

Check-ins faster & easier

Our team is as efficient as they come. Get in, get out, get a charismatic smile—why do other places have to make it so complicated?

Exceptional Comfort

No headgear, no palatal spreaders, no more cranking, and reduced pressure and force—all thanks to superior care and design.

Simplified Cleaning

No more braces with hundred-page user manuals—our treatments are as fool-proof as they are efficient.

Comparable price to outdated tech

Better, faster results with less pain and less time spent at our office, but at comparable prices to the old-school orthodontic treatments we all know and hate. No, it’s not too good to be true.


Real results, real patients in love with their new smiles.

Majeroni Orthodontist Patient

Ashton, Walnut Creek

Majeroni Braces Patient

Celeste, Danville

Majeroni Invisalign Patient

Evelyn, Alamo

Majeroni Orthodontics Patient

Kate, Walnut Creek

Majeroni Invisalign Patient

Kayla, Danville

Majeroni Braces Patient

Mady, Alamo

Majeroni Invisalign Patient

Owen, San Francisco

Majeroni Orthodontics Patient

Kendall, Alamo

Majeroni Invisalign Patient

Evelyn, Alamo


Check out one of the most innovative, welcoming orthodontic offices in the Bay Area.

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Online Special!

When you sign up as a new patient, you'll receive a free smile assessment that includes digital x-rays, free teeth whitening and a complete smile analysis ($249 value).

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