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3 Critical Things Most Orthodontists Overlook

3 Critical Things Most Orthodontists Overlook

There are tons of things that go into a smile besides straightening teeth—and when you choose an orthodontist who ignores those tiny factors, that can mean the difference between an amazing smile and a disappointing one.

1. Tooth area

Here’s an easy way to identify a great smile—it probably shows the person’s full teeth, with about a millimeter or two of gum. That’s the kind of ratio you’re seeing whenever you say “whoa, that’s an awesome smile.”

Straight (but not full) teeth? Maybe OK, but definitely not great.

2. Smile depth

There are dozens of angles and measurements your orthodontist should be looking at during your treatment, but one of the easiest to overlook is the depth of your smile.

You don’t want your teeth to be set too far forward or back. Instead, they should be lined up in a vertical line with your forehead, making your smile positioned perfectly.

3. Whiteness

Tooth whiteness is so easy, which makes it even more frustrating when orthodontists ignore it.

Even when you have an absolutely perfect smile, it’s not going to look good with dull, discolored, yellow teeth. Bleaching teeth is a breeze, and your confidence is going to skyrocket when you have a sparkling set of teeth.

Don’t miss your shot at a great smile.

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