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4 Shocking Ways Orthodontists Gamble with Your Smile

4 Shocking Ways Orthodontists Gamble with Your Smile

We’d like to think that our chosen medical professionals are flawless individuals who always know what’s best, and the same goes for orthodontists. 

Yet despite nearly a decade spent in school and years of practice, many orthodontists simply aren’t delivering on their promises of giving patients a better smile.

When you pick the wrong ortho, he or she is gambling with your smile. And more often than not, patients wind up on the losing end. Here are four ways an alarming number of orthodontists miss the mark when developing treatment plans—and how to protect yourself.

1. Claiming that straight teeth are all you need for a brilliant smile

Most orthodontics practices focus on one thing—straightening teeth. They claim that “fixing” or “straightening” crooked teeth is all that matters, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

When you want a really good looking smile, you need more than just straight teeth. There are several factors that contribute to aesthetic smiles, including:

  • Smile VIP: In a nut shell, the bigger area of your front teeth that you show off when you smile, the better.
  • Smile Arc: Natural smiles follow the contour of your lips—NOT sit perfectly in line.
  • Smile Width: The more teeth visible when you smile, the better.

While most orthos don’t bother with these three crucial factors, Majeroni Orthodontics does. 

2. Insisting on surgery

Surgery is often a quick-and-dirty way out for orthodontists who don’t understand the mechanics of moving teeth and the aesthetics of a great smile.

But surgery has its risks, and doesn’t guarantee results.

At Majeroni Orthodontics, we’re trained in passive self-ligation techniques that help correct problems with the teeth without potentially dangerous surgery.

3. Recommending temporary retainers

Bottom line, you need a permanent retainer to ensure that your teeth won’t drift and ruin your results. Orthos who push temporary retainers are doing you a disservice in the long run.

4. Only offering traditional braces

Traditional braces used to be all we had to correct teeth, but nowadays there are plenty of better options.

Among our favorite modern ortho treatments are Pitts 21 braces. These have really revolutionized the way we correct teeth and build amazing smiles.

The treatments we use are faster, easier to adjust, less painful, less bulky, and more convenient. They blow traditional ortho treatments out of the water, and they’re part of our formula for delivering incredible results to our patients in a fraction of the time as outdated tech.

Make a safer bet

Your ability to smile confidently has a profound effect on your quality of life, and that’s not an exaggeration in any way.

With safer, better, more modern options available, there’s no excuse to settle for suboptimal ortho treatments from other orthodontists. Just take a look at some of our results, and you’ll see what a difference the right orthodontist can make.

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