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5 Reasons to Drive from Walnut Creek to Majeroni Orthodontics

5 Reasons to Drive from Walnut Creek to Majeroni Orthodontics

Looking for the best orthodontist in Walnut Creek but not sure where to turn? The best option might be waiting just down the highway.

Our Alamo location routinely treats patients from all over Northern California—including Walnut Creek—and we’re known for getting results that truly make our patients smile.

When we asked our patients the biggest reasons they wound up choosing Dr. Majeroni over a closer ortho, here’s what the said…

We’re more affordable

The price of braces ranges all the way from $3500 to $13500, depending on which doctor you choose. The average price in California tends to be on the higher end of this spectrum.

Patients tell us that our prices are very affordable, and tend to be lower than other Walnut Creek orthodontists. That’s great news by itself, but what we’re really proud of are our in-house financing plans.

With Majeroni Orthodontics, you’re able to build your own payment plan. Simply choose how much you’ll make as a down payment, pick a monthly payment that fits your budget, and enjoy zero interest on the cost of your treatment.

Want to pay upfront in full? Then help yourself to 3% off your bill. We want orthodontics to be affordable for everyone.

We create amazing smiles…

When patients tell us we’re smile experts, they really aren’t kidding.

We’ve spent years perfecting the way we approach orthodontics, and the results speak for themselves.

Instead of solely focusing on straightening teeth, we go beyond the traditional approach to ortho and help you achieve a truly aesthetic smile.

That means carefully balancing the distances between your teeth, lips, gums, and other features to create a smile you’ll absolutely love.

… And we guarantee results

For years, we’ve helped a ton of people just like you get the smile of their dreams, and we’re so confident we can do the same for you that we guarantee your results.

That means our job isn’t finished until you’re totally happy with your smile. It’s that simple.

And so far, we have a stellar track record of doing just that.

Our office is out of this world

Video games for the kids, massage chairs for dad and mom…these are just a couple of the amazing improvements we’ve made at Majeroni Orthodontics to help you achieve your dream smile in style.

Visiting our Alamo office is meant to be a real experience, not the dreaded ortho visits you and your kids wish you could avoid.

Plus, our office is staffed by an elite team of real ortho professionals with a knack for patient care and making you feel like part of the family—making it even easier to smile more than before.

We do way more than just braces

At Majeroni Orthodontics, we do a whole lot more than traditional braces!

We also perform dental surgery, Invisalign, Damon System braces, custom mouth guards, retainers and more. If you can think of something that’ll help make your smile more amazing, there’s a good chance we do it.

Our team also works with people of all ages, including kids, teens and adults.

Whether you decide on traditional braces or something different altogether, you’ll always receive the same incredible patient care and our unique method of assessing smiles to help get the best results.

Worth the Drive

Picking the best ortho in Walnut Creek is a tough choice, but you shouldn’t be shy about extending the range of your search a bit.

Driving just a few more minutes could mean the difference between a good smile and a smile that you absolutely love.

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