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9 Reasons Why Your Kids Will Love KIDTech

9 Reasons Why Your Kids Will Love KIDTech

Kids hate getting braces. Well, everyone does—but for kids, the thought of wearing bulky, metal headgear like they’ve seen in cartoons or movies is a virtual nightmare.

It’s easy to explain to an adult that the results are going to be worth it, but how do you rationalize months of treatment when your child feels scared and self-conscious?

Around here, we place a huge emphasis on getting life-changing results. But the other part of the equation is figuring out how to make our process as quick, painless and annoyance-free for all of our patients—even kids.

Here are 9 of the biggest differences between KIDTech and your traditional ortho treatment, and why our younger patients even have fun when they come to visit us.

1. Confidence Building

Children aren’t as swayed as adults by promises of bigger, brighter smiles in the future. All that’s running through your son’s or daughter’s head are thoughts of “so you’re telling me I have to wear this? For how long?”

We know the traditional ortho treatment does a poor job of making kids feel confident and comfortable, and KIDTech aims to fix that. When your child comes to us for their treatment, they’ll feel less shy, less frustrated, have more fun, and actually feel cooler about having braces.

2. No Drilling

KIDTech utilizes modern adhesive sticker technology instead of the traditional method of affixing braces. Your child’s braces will go on their teeth just like a sticker—it’s really as easy as that.

3. More Comfortable Braces

KIDTech’s braces are smaller and rounder than usual, making them the perfect (comfortable) fit for your child’s mouth.

4. Kid-Approved Colors

Yesterday’s boring, bland colors are a distant memory. When your child gets to choose their own color, they’ll feel like their braces are more of a choice than something being forced upon them. We offer tons of kid favorites like fluorescent colors, glow-in-the-dark, and more.

Plus, all of our colors are safe and natural and FDA-approved for kids.

5. No Bulky Expanders

Perhaps the most hated aspect of traditional braces is the palatal expander—the metal piece that fits between your teeth that makes your top and bottom teeth fit together better.

We heard you loud and clear. KIDTech treatments use a comfortable jelly expander, and your kids can pick from tons of different colors (just like a jelly bean).

6. Everyone Loves Bubblegum

It’s no fun to have a bunch of weird metal and plastic forced onto your mouth—especially for kids, who are more sensitive to unpleasant tastes. That’s why many of KIDTech’s materials are bubblegum flavored, which makes all the difference in the world.

7. Prizes for Good Brushing

Proper care during an ortho treatment—especially brushing—is absolutely critical to see the best results. It’s hard enough to get kids to brush thoroughly, and even tougher when braces are involved. That’s why we give our young patients cool prizes to reward good habits.

8. Custom Rewards

Besides prizes, we offer the most coveted reward to kids who really stick with the program.

Our best brushers are allowed to choose from our secret stash of custom colors for their braces, letting them customize their look and make them feel like braces are a cool accessory instead of a boring medical appliance. 

9. Zero-Hassle Retainers

The biggest issue people run into after getting braces (for both adults and kids) is simply forgetting to wear the retainer. Retainers are usually annoying and inconvenient, so we completely changed them.

KIDTech retainers use small, inert gold wires that attach easily to the back of your teeth—it doesn’t get any more simple than that.

We Make Ortho Fun

It might be hard to believe, but a lot of our patients actually like coming in to see us for their appointments. KIDTech is a big part of that!

We know your kids are probably worried or scared about needing braces, but we’re here to tell you (and them) that it’s really not so bad. Our team makes it fun and rewarding, both during and after your treatment.

Are you looking for the best ortho care in the Bay Area? Get in touch with us right now, and let’s get started!

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