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It Takes a Village – How Our Patients Inspire Their Communities

It Takes a Village – How Our Patients Inspire Their Communities

At Majeroni Orthodontics, we know that wellness is about being a part of something bigger than yourself. It’s about being in a community or a village where you can foster positive inspiration. It’s the “big picture” perspective, one that celebrates gratitude and giving back to those around you.

One way we put this belief into practice is by visiting schools on a regular basis to provide informative and fun presentations on oral health. We also work closely with local schools to help build a stronger community.

We try to put our belief in the village perspective into practice in our office, hosting in-office initiatives for patients and helping to inspire positive action. Much of our inspiration comes from the stories we hear from our own patients and team members. These stories challenge us to be better members of the community, active participants who provide solutions to the needs we see around us. Here are some of those stories … we hope they inspire you as well!

Dayna Bain of Happy Heart Bakery: When Dayna Bain wanted to finance a service trip to South Africa to work with children, she took a chance and opened Happy Heart Bakery. She had always been told her cakes and cookies were something special, and the appeal of flexible hours sealed the deal. Not only did Dayna reach her goal and make it to South Africa, but she continues to grow her business as a way to help children.

One of Dayna’s favorite beneficiaries of Happy Heart Bakery is the Cakes4Kids, a nonprofit organization that connects bakers with kids in group or foster homes. Now Dayna regularly creates beautiful, personalized birthday cakes for kids that may otherwise never celebrate their special day.

April from Turkey on the Table: When April and her business partner Kerry met, they found that they shared a belief that gratitude breeds contentment. They also believed that Thanksgiving, that often-forgotten holiday between Halloween and Christmas, deserved more time and attention than one good binge on a delicious meal.

That’s how Turkey on the Table was started. Families celebrate their gratitude by listing blessings on feathers that decorate a charming table turkey. For each turkey sold, ten meals are provided to those in need through Feeding America. April and Kerry have found a way to shed some light on the importance of giving thanks, while also supporting an important cause with Feeding America.

Noralyn Giles of Majeroni Orthodontics: Noralyn recognized a need to slow down a bit and tune into her intuition. She had an idea that just wouldn’t go away: a social group for teens with disabilities. While the idea seemed overwhelming at first, she also knew that the potential benefits could be life-changing for those that got involved in the group.

Noralyn sought out a location appropriate for hosting a social group and then obtained some seed money, and Friday Night Out was born. Her idea has grown into a thriving community for those with disabilities, and it is now a nonprofit organization. Noralyn says that taking the time to slow down and enjoy life often happens when you’re creating that same opportunity for someone else.

At Majeroni Orthodontics, we are thankful for members of the community like Dayna, April and Kerry and Noralyn that demonstrate service on a daily basis. We’re not just about smile correction at Majeroni Orthodontics. Instead, we’re all about being alongside you as you live your best life. Do you have a story of community service that you’d like to share? Head over to our Facebook page and tell us about it.

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