How We Do Better Smiles—The Majeroni Smile Assessment

How We Do Better Smiles—The Majeroni Smile Assessment

The most famous actors, musicians, models, and even your friends all share one important thing in common—their smiles. A great smile is almost synonymous with the rich and famous, but what exactly goes into that Hollywood smile?

If your first answer is “straight teeth,” you’re not alone. In fact, that’s exactly how tons of orthodontists view smiles. But the truth is…straight teeth are NOT the most important factor for creating the perfect smile.

When orthodontists approach your braces with the mindset that straight teeth are all it takes to make you or your child happy and beaming with confidence, they’re way, way off base. Let me be clear…

Braces are not pass/fail!

There’s no magical threshold your doctor can reach and say “OK, this looks good enough.” With that mentality you’ll never achieve the smile you deserve, no matter how perfectly straight your teeth are.

Here, we think about braces a little differently. Rather than focusing solely on correcting crookedness and crowding (which we do anyway), our primary goal is to give you the best, brightest, most beautiful smile we can. That means paying attention to a couple very crucial things like…


For our VIPs like you, one of the first steps we take when analyzing your smile is your teeth’s Vertical Incisor Position.

Simply put, when your top teeth are shown fully and positioned perfectly from your upper lip, your smile looks way bigger and way brighter than when those teeth are partially hidden.

Taking into account the positioning of your incisors (the four flat teeth in the middle of your mouth) and making sure those beauties are the centerpiece of your smile are one of our top priorities.

The 12-Tooth Smile

Lots of orthodontists push the idea of a “6-tooth smile,” with a focus on correcting and aligning the front six top and bottom teeth—the incisors we talked about above, plus the top and bottom canines (those sharp teeth just off to the side of your incisors).

That line of thinking isn’t exactly wrong, but it is incomplete.

Merely correcting and focusing on those front teeth just isn’t good enough, which is why we believe in building beautiful 12-Tooth Smiles—striking the perfect ratio between your teeth, your eyes and your lips.

By using special technology and going the extra mile, we’re able to give you and your kids the confidence to smile as wide as you want without hiding behind those front six teeth.

Better Braces, Better Smiles

Getting braces just to correct crooked teeth is only addressing a very small part of the problem—the easy part.

What if we could do even better? What if we could make you look and feel so amazing that you’d be absolutely shocked when your braces come off?

That’s our mentality every time we meet with new patients—not just what we can do to fix your smile, but what we can do to make you feel like a million bucks for years and years to come.

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