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Why We Love to See You Smile (Dr. Majeroni’s cancer story)

Why We Love to See You Smile (Dr. Majeroni’s cancer story)

When I was 32 years old, just getting started in my career as an orthodontist…I was diagnosed with cancer. And if I hadn’t met the right doctor, I might not have found out until it was too late.

Finding Your Voice

After discovering bumps on my neck and dismissing them as swollen lymph nodes, I thought I would be fine after a couple weeks. Two weeks and one doctor visit later, I was told to give it another two weeks. After meeting with two more doctors, being prescribed antibiotics and told to wait six more weeks, I was starting to get worried.

I needed to talk to an expert. I needed to talk to someone who would listen to me and put me first. That’s when I met Dr. Thom Loree, one of the biggest influences on my life today.

Dr. Loree sat down with me discussing my problems, answering my questions and listening to my concerns. When was the last time you remember a doctor talking with you for that long? I’d never experienced anything like it before, and it left a huge impression on me and I felt that peace of mind you get when you know you are in the right place

Dr. Loree told me there was a 1/100,000 chance I had cancer, but the only way to know for sure was to conduct a biopsy—something none of my other doctors had even suggested.

Sure enough, it was cancer. To spare you the details, let’s just say I had a rough road to recovery—but here I am today, cancer free. Without Dr. Loree as my advocate fighting for me every step of the way, who knows how it might have turned out?

Better Doctor, Better Results

And why am I telling you all this?

Because that experience made me the doctor who I am today.

I know exactly what it feels like to be overlooked and ignored, which is why I dig deep to answer ALL of my patients’ questions, no matter how “small” your problems might seem. I want you to feel like you’re in the right place when you come to see us. The best place.

If you don’t like something about your smile, there aren’t many options. You can either seek out the help of an orthodontist, or you can wait and see if the issue goes away on its own. There’s no quick fix and no miracle cure for a smile…well, maybe there is. More on that later..

You, your facial features and your teeth are unique. There’s no cookie-cutter method to create a beautiful smile for every person on the planet. But so, so many think the “quick fix” to achieving a great smile is simply straightening teeth—and that just isn’t true! I can show you many people that have straight teeth but still don’t like their smile.

You also have to consider the distance between your teeth and your lips, the width of your smile in comparison to your eyes and the arc of your teeth, what is referred to as smile arc. Some doctors just don’t pay enough attention to these details.

Ingenuity, Intuition and Integrity

I think the reason I care so much about perfection is because of my early background in building and engineering. Orthodontics is the perfect crossroads for my interest in creating, shaping and constructing with my love of making people happy.

Let me be very clear—there’s a big difference between getting braces and getting the smile you desire, something I learned very early in my career.

That’s why I always tell my team to see the forest for the trees. Instead of just saying “OK, you need braces,” we help you understand why you need treatment and how treatment will help you achieve the smile you deserve.

We strive to create smiles that are perfectly balanced and fit your facial features just right—a smile you’ll be excited to show off day after day for years to come. If you’re wondering why some other orthodontists don’t take the same methodical approach, that’s a great question—and one I don’t have an answer to!

Fact is, we treat every single person who steps into our office like a member of our family. We don’t spend big bucks on advertising because our patients spread the word for us. Most of our business comes from referrals and word of mouth, and that’s for three big reasons:

We create the most relaxing, comfortable, stress-free environment we can.

We make our patients feel like they have a voice.

We help our patients stop feeling shy, nervous or ashamed about their smiles, and start feeling confident and happy.

That’s why we don’t need a sales pitch. Our sales pitch is being experts in everything we do and making people like you feel and look amazing.

Get Ready to Smile

Look, I know orthodontics isn’t as serious as cancer. But I’ve worked with so many parents who just want the best for their kids, adults wanting an answer to a lifetime of feeling ashamed about their smile, people who want to KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt they’re making the absolute best choice for the future.

There’s fear, uncertainty, anxiety; but I’m here to help you or your kids achieve the best smile we possibly can, period.

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